30 Days of Yoga

I’m in it!  I packed my metaphorical bags and headed to camp!

If I sound like a total lunatic right now, let me explain….

This time last year I discovered a youtube channel called Yoga with Adriene.  Maybe (hopefully, because it’s the BOMB) you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t, it is exactly what it sounds like: yoga videos by the quirky, sunny, inspiring, thoughtful Adriene Mishler (and sometimes the adorable pup Benji!).  In January of 2015 she was running a 30 days of yoga series to kick off the new year.  A 30 day challenge always sounds intriguing, so I gave it a shot mostly to see if I could stick it out.  I’ve dabbled in yoga for years and although I love it, I am never consistent.  I made it through about 20 days of the challenge and then didn’t finish.  Flash forward to 2016; I have been more consistent with yoga recently and I am ready for 30 days of yoga camp.

Holiday travel left me unable to start until January 6th instead of 1st, but this time nothing is holding me back!  I am in the thick of it and eager to get deeper.

So much of health and wellness is focused on #cleaneating and six packs and cleanses, but that’s not an accurate or sustainable lifestyle at all.  The more I read and hear about the mind/body connection the more interested in it I become.  I have always been active, I am now pursuing nutrition as a career, and I am more and more curious about the mind as the third part of the wellness wheel (definitely just made up a term…wellness wheel? we’ll roll with it).  I love that yoga is a total body/mind/spirit workout.  Along with strength and circuit workouts, nutritious eating (anyone else needing post-holiday greens?) this yoga journey is an exciting one and I can’t wait to see what the next month of it has in store!

Is anyone else heading to yoga camp?  I would love to hear your experience!


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