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Post Yoga Camp

I posted a few weeks ago about starting Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp.  This was the ‘sequel’ to last year’s 30 days of Yoga.  After my great intentions to start 2015 with 30 straight days of yoga, I fell short and didn’t finish after completing about 20 days (I know, so close!).  This year, I went into the series with a bit more flexibility, a more open mind, and the desire to finish it through!

Here’s a bit of what I took away…

I normally hold myself to a very high standard, and that is often not a good thing.  Big goals and dreams are awesome of course, but being super hard on yourself isn’t.  This year, during yoga camp I ended up having to take a couple days off.  When my schedule was jam packed for a day I didn’t want to sacrifice sleep just to make sure I stayed on track with yoga.  That probably would have stressed me out which kind of defeats the purpose, right?  Instead, I took a day off, got right back to it the next day, and didn’t think any more of it than that.  Less rigidity and guilt/stress was so freeing!

I also loved the incorporation of mantras in Yoga Camp.  It was great to have a central theme or idea each day to focus on.  I love getting my exercise in first thing in the morning, so starting the day with a positive thought was energizing and inspiring.  I am constantly striving to remain more present and ‘in the now’ and I think these mantras helped.  Am I 100% present all the time now? Heck, no.  Am I more motivated to keep working at it? Yup.

Along with all of the mental, emotional, spiritual benefits of yoga, there is also the physical.  We can’t ignore that yoga is great for the body, and I totally noticed it!  30 days of yoga in 32 days definitely gave me some muscle tone (and I already work out often!).  By the last week I was showing off my chaturanga to upward dog transition every chance I got (including in the kitchen while getting my family to give it a try).  My biceps and booty are thankful for every pose 🙂

Overall, this was an awesome kick start to the new year.  I am looking forward to mixing up my routine again with HIIT and circuits and well as some running (once it’s not to chilly!) but  I will definitely keep yoga in my routine at least weekly, and likely a few times each week.

Any other yoga fans out there?  Did you give Yoga Camp a try?  What were your thoughts?


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