Fitness Friday: FBFM

Happy Friday!  The weekend is approaching, but that’s no reason to stop moving!  I want to spend this Friday (and future Fridays) sharing a little bit about my favorite workouts.  Eating well and moving your body are both crucial aspects of good health, and I truly do enjoy both.  There are so many workouts I love, and I switch things up often, so I thought it would benefit others to share which are my favorites in case you’re in a bit of a workout rut.

On these Fitness Fridays I’ll share short reviews of workouts I have tried that are (mostly) free and easy to complete outdoors or in your home with NO gym membership!  (because I’m all about saving some cash whenever and however I can!)  So let’s get started with today’s workout!


I first discovered Amanda Bisk’s Fresh Body Fit Mind (FBFM) program via instagram, and I decided to check out her site.  I love circuit workouts because they are quick and effective; they work up a good sweat!  Busy mornings need something fast but challenging, so these 20 minute circuits are a perfect option.  I have not purchased the entire 12 week program, but I did check out the free pre training week and I have worked through all of those circuits (and I do repeat them!).

Here are my thoughts:


I like the set up: you set a timer for 20 minutes and let it run the whole time (no fuss!).  1-4 minutes is a warmup, minute 4-5 is rest, minutes 5-15 are for the main circuit with about 5 moves, rest again at 15-16, 16-20 is an ab circuit of about 3 moves.  I like the separation of abs from the rest of the workout so there isn’t a ton of lying down and then jumping up.  I also like the built in warmup because without that I often skip a warmup (so bad, I know!)

Time! 20 minutes is SO doable.  I hit snooze this morning and was rushed to get to a dentist appointment, but I still had time to get a circuit in.

They’re portable: I printed out the pre training workouts and brought them on a family trip to my grandma’s house over the holidays.  My mom and I did a circuit almost every morning in the backyard and it was great!  We got a good workout in with minimal space and NO equipment needed.


Price.  At this point, I don’t see myself spending the money on the 12 week program.  Since I change my workouts based on my mood I’m not getting bored of the pre training circuits.  They are switched out often with other favorites so I like coming back to them.

The program recommends completing 2 circuits a day: one in the morning and one in the evening (or both at once if you have 45 minutes to do that).  Personally, 2 workouts a day seems super unrealistic.  Who has time for that?  More importantly, who has time to shower twice!?

VERDICT:  I like the circuits and will definitely continue to incorporate the free downloads into my fitness routine.  Maybe one day I’ll splurge for the whole program, but for now I use these as a go-to when I’m short on time, short on inspiration for what to do, or short on equipment (none needed!)


Have you tried FBFM?  If so, what are your thoughts?


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