International Day of Happiness

Today, as usual, social media informed me of a little known holiday.  Instead of a silly sounding National Pizza Day, National Blueberry Cheesecake Day, or National Peanut Butter Lovers Day (OK, actually that one’s not so bad), this special day is one that I can appreciate.

March 20, 2016 is International Day of Happiness!  It’s also the first day of Spring, and I find it all too appropriate that those two days coincide.  The world, and the internet, can be a dark and dismal place sometimes.  With so much negativity swirling (presidential campaigns, I am looking at you! And everyone angrily tweeting about them – yikes!) it can be hard to stay upbeat.  Since I love pretty much every holiday (yes this single girl even thinks Valentine’s Day is cute and not cheesy) I thought I would participate by sharing 5 simple things that are making me HAPPY!  Have a look – and then share your own!

  1. Music!  Who doesn’t love to jam out to a favorite song in the car with the windows down?  Warmer weather means I am doing just that all the time.  My taste in music is pretty varied and sometimes strange.  I have absolutely NO shame about that and have been loving a little J Biebz.  Mashups are also so so good!  Especially when they involve Taylor Swift (and Ed Sheeran too!).
  2. Waffles.  Yup, waffles.  Simple as that!  I absolutely love a slow weekend morning making myself a stack of pancakes  or a fluffy and crispy waffle topped with all my favorite things (usually a  ‘healthier’ recipe experiment!).  Slowly savoring breakfast while reading will never get old.
  3. Getting sweaty.  I am a HUGE fan of Tone It Up!  Karena and Katrina are basically my bffs in my own mind.  Getting a good sweat in first thing in the morning (with your fake long distance BFFs no less!) gets those endorphins going for a good day.
  4. Getting outside!  This often fits in with #3.  As soon as it’s warm I will plant myself outside to read, eat lunch, do work, anything!  I am truly a creature of the sun and can’t stay away from some warm rays (with sunscreen of course!).  I also love taking my workouts outside and have been slowly getting back into running.  It’s such a satisfying feeling to pound out a few miles.  I’m hoping to up my distance this spring and summer…maybe another half marathon is in my future, who knows!
  5. Giving back.  This is probably the most fulfilling thing of all.  I’ll be sharing more soon about coaching Girls on the Run.  (and a bit more about my experience can also be found here)  Volunteering to coach has been the most rewarding – and FUN – experience I have had while living at home after graduating.  It’s so true that helping others really does help you, too.  How can you not smile when you someone else is joyful and appreciative because of the time and attention you’ve given them?

I hope this list inspires you to take part in what makes you happy today and all year long!  If someone can make up a National Hot Dog Day, then Happiness Day can be everyday.


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