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Build a Better Piece of Toast

Toast at it’s simplest is a pretty plain Jane snack or side.  Toast is the sidekick to your killer omelet or the vehicle for avocado.  While it can get pushed aside as just a helper for other foods, I actually love toast as a snack.  When I say toast I don’t mean bread and butter, I mean fancy shmancy upgraded toast (Ok, Ok, not that fancy, but fancy enough to be a snack you look forward to and can totally instagram).  It only takes a couple favorite ingredients to make your piece of bread (or heck, even a rice cake) a flavor bomb of delicious and satisfying foods to power you past the 3pm slump.  Read on for my formula for perfect toast!

Ezekiel bread with peanut butter, banana, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds

Base: usually one of 3 options: gluten free toast (Food for life brand is good for toasting…you have to toast it), Ezekiel bread (Food for life again is my go-to!), or a rice cake!

Spread: slather something creamy on top of the base layer.  For me this is nut butter 99.9% of the time.  Almond butter or peanut butter are my top choices, and I love to make my own so I can control the texture (creamy please!)

Fruit: I love getting in some produce with each meal and snack so fruit is a must for toast toppings.  If I only have frozen berries I’ll warm some raspberries or blueberries and plop them on.  Banana is a common choice and so are fresh strawberries.

Extras: A little more texture kicks everything up a notch.  Chia seeds, ground flax, shredded unsweetened coconut, hemp seeds, and good old chocolate chips all frequent my creations.

Tahini and PB on Ezekiel bread topped with strawberries and frozen blueberries plus ground flax (and a sprinkle of chocolate chips after I took the picture because I have a sweet tooth!)


Now go forth and conquer your hunger with some upgraded toast!  And tag @powerdbypeanutbutter on your instagram creations – I’m always looking for more fun combos 🙂


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