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Fitness Friday: Tone It Up

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope it’s been a wonderful week and you’ve gotten a chance to sneak in some sweat sessions.  With the weather warming up, I have been running more often and it feels great!  Since springtime is here, and summer is fast approaching, it feels like the perfect time to share another favorite workout.  Who doesn’t want to get up and get moving now that hibernation season is done?


I am so so excited to share a little bit about Tone It Up.  Chances are you have at least heard the name, and maybe you’ve seen a fun instagram snapshot of the BFF duo Karena and Katrina who run this fitness empire.  I first heard about Tone It Up almost 4 years ago from a college friend, and I think I have officially transformed into full blown #TIUgirl aka superfan.

So, what’s the best thing about Tone It Up?  In my opinion it’s the weekly schedule.  Every Sunday, a schedule is posted on their website with a workout plan for the entire week.  That means every morning you can get up, log on, and workout without having to give anything a second thought!  The simplicity is amazing and makes me so much more motivated when I’m in a workout rut.  If I can’t tell what I’m in the mood for, Tone It Up is my go to.

The workouts: Workouts are so varied which is another huge plus about this site.  There are usually 5 daily moves to start off with for 1 minute each (2x).  Sometimes a run is suggested (or any form of cardio) and (of course) toning which will usually be a video from the site.  Their videos are awesome because of the sheer abundance of them as well as the lighthearted tone and killer moves!  Workouts from the DVDs might also be thrown into the schedule, but there are always options/substitutions if you haven’t purchased the workout they suggest.  These girls are working on your body and your wallet!  (I do have Beach Babe 3 and love it!  but haven’t taken the plunge on other purchases)

Pros: the workouts are great, I love the personalities and the fun that K&K create (yes, I also follow along on instagram, snapchat, and anywhere else I see their names/faces), it can be very budget friendly, and there are minimal thinking and no gym membership required!

Cons: the free videos are not very long (usually a ~10-20 minute workout) but simply going through it twice can fix that if you want a more intense workout, and the recommended cardio can be hard to fit in when it’s winter (did I mention they live in southern Cali?)

Overall, I am a huge huge fan of Karena and Katrina and all their workouts, so I hope you’ll give them a try!  Check out the site and get moving soon!  You can follow along just in time for the bikini series on Monday. (which I casually participate in….I’m not a nutrition plan member and don’t plan on buying it, but just following the schedules is great!)


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