Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend has come to a close and we’re getting back to normal routines.  As sad as it is to see work, schoolwork, or other commitments staring you in the face after a few carefree days, it’s also somewhat comforting to be back to normalcy.  I know I like getting back to productive days (and lots of green foods!) after some needed R&R.  I hope you’re all recharged and ready to crush the (short!) week!

Here’s a bit of what my MDW looked like….


The weather this weekend was BEAUTIFUL here in northern NJ so my family and I took full advantage of that.  I am so lucky to have a #fitfam to join me to kayak, hike, bike, or just stroll.  It’s also so fun to get in a good workout without feeling like you’re working out at all!  After our kayaking day I was telling my mom how my shoulders and back were sore and I couldn’t figure out why….she looked at me like I was crazy because DUH kayaking!  I was having so much fun I didn’t even realize it was a great upper body workout too (and don’t forget that core!)


My sister and I shared a kayak and mom and dad were in another duo.


Yup, those are the shoulders that were dead the next day!


After a morning on the water, we spent the following morning in the woods!  There’s a great reservation 5 minutes from my house where we all love to hike.  We took a long and leisurely one and spent over an hour on the trails.  (My fitbit told me I hit 7,700 steps all before noon!  That’s a great feeling.)


Dad being the funny guy that he is and sneaking into the picture.

Taking full advantage of the great outdoors during wonderful summer weather is one of my absolute favorite things.  We spent mornings moving around and evenings dining al fresco on burgers and dogs.  What were you up to this holiday weekend?  Did anyone else get outside?


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