Summer cleaning

We hear it every year – spring cleaning!  Time to organize, purge the closets, rearrange the garage, and generally bring order to our lives.  I love a good closet cleaning, and every now and then I do turn up the music and actually dust, but this season I have been inspired to do a different kind of cleaning.


Summer brings about the season of swimsuits, shorts, forgoing makeup for the sake of swimming, and all other things that make people feel self conscious about how they look.  This means it’s time to avoid those bad feelings and do some cleaning out of the mind by way of social media feed.

I’m not the first person to do or suggest this, but after reading others’ suggestions I took action and did a serious cleaning of my feeds.  It is so easy to scroll through instagram and see perfect faces, toned bodies, and luxurious vacations that we don’t have and then only feel bad about ourselves.  Now, I go through the accounts I follow on a somewhat regular basis and make sure they are really what I want to see.  As you go through your list of people you follow, click on each one and do a little scrolling.  Ask yourself: “do I feel jealous? Am I comparing myself to this person?”  Those questions make it so much easier to realize whether or not to hit unfollow.

I write this not only to share my habit, but as a challenge to myself as well.  Comparison runs rampant in our digital world, but joy comes from presence.  Summer is the perfect time to be immersed in nature, sunshine, family, books, and all things relaxing.  Do your cleanup, maybe even take a social hiatus, and see how a present summer feels.  This is my own constant struggle and personal goal and I hope you’ll join me on it!


And if it’s food or bodies you’re comparing….delete those accounts and go have a cupcake!



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