#RD2be blogs

I’m still fairly new to the RD journey, but this has been sort of a long time coming.  I’ve been reading up on all things nutrition for quite awhile.  As I mentioned in my previous post, blogs were such a huge help for me while figuring out this whole process of going back to school.  I loved reading bios and old posts from RDs about how they started out on their journeys.  Another great source of inspiration were blogs by ‘#RDtobe’s!  There are so many future RDs blogging about their grad programs, internships, lifestyle, and (of course) food!  Inspiration from the dietitians who’ve ‘made it’ is always great, but sometimes the perspective from someone who is also in the thick of it truly makes all the overwhelming stuff seem doable.  Here are a few of my favorite #RDtobe blogs so you can follow along with theirs (….and mine!) and have even more insight to this journey.

ConstancelyeatingConnie is one of those people who writes like a friend.  She shares a totally real perspective on food by showcasing her love of veggies AND cookies with lots of real talk sprinkled in.  She also just started a graduate program at Cal State LA so will be another nutrition grad student to keep up with!

Food Fitness FaithOK so Clara has technically removed the ‘to be’ part because she just became an RD (congrats!).  She shared a great post with tips on passing the RD exam that I will definitely be bookmarking for approx. 2.5 years from now when I sit for my own test.

C it NutritionallyIf you’re a WIAW fan, Chelsey’s blog is where it’s at!  Her regular posts showcasing how a busy dietetic intern gets some healthy eats are fun to read and inspiring for getting in the kitchen.  She has great recipes to try and (bonus) they’re nut free for anyone with allergies!

Just a PinchLauren is in the graduate dietetics program at the University of Washington, and she also entered the nutrition world without a dietetics background.  I went to her blog a lot during my initial ‘figure everything out’ process and kept up with her posts on grad school applications.  It was great to read the process of someone also sort of starting from scratch.  Now, I love keeping up with her graduate endeavors since we are on such similar paths.  It’s fun to see where she’s taking her nutrition career already!

These girls are all already making an impact in the world of nutrition, and keeping up with fellow nutrition nerds is so fun for inspiration and to see everyone’s different experiences.  I’ll be sharing my own journey as well so you can hopefully get some good insight to my own non traditional journey (and my soon-to-be North Carolina life!)


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