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For when you’re craving pancakes…

I have just the recipes for you!  That’s right, recipeS, plural!  While I’ve already told you all about my love for oatmeal, there are days that I just need something different.  Every routine asks for spicing things up once in awhile, and pancakes are usually my change-up for weekend mornings spent eating and reading before I tackle the day.

I do like to make my pancakes a little more nutrient dense than the classics…and a little more filling!  Some breakfast protein is always key to power you through until lunch.  After searching for recipes, trying, failing, and snacking on fallen apart pancake mush, I did finally come across two recipes that have become staples in my morning routine.

This recipe from Connie is so delicious and easy to throw together.  All the ingredients go in a blender (my trusty Magic Bullet has me covered here) and they cook up with such a nice consistency.  I sometimes like to add some Vega protein for an extra boost (and then I’ll put a splash more liquid to keep the consistency right!)

I just had to snag a bite before the pic!
These were enjoyed al fresco because breakfast is always better with a side of sunshine.
Sunbutter and wild blueberries – great go to toppings!

The next recipe was more trial and error than recipe.  I had heard of the magical 2 ingredient pancakes (just banana and egg) and decided to try it out on vacation.  Long story short, it didn’t turn out…but…I tweaked things and found a way to make it work (determination at it’s finest) because I was on a pancake mission.  Here’s what has turned out well:

1 banana (mashed)

2 eggs

a hefty sprinkle of oats (honestly, I didn’t measure but probably 1/3 – 1/2 cup, enough to bring it together without making oats the majority of the mixture)

Mix together the above ingredients while your pan is heating.  Put some oil in the pan.  Spoon the batter to make small pancakes – I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup (they are easiest to flip and they cook faster when they’re small.  clearly, the pic proves I did not follow my own advice)

One giant pancake snack before work!  This was a half recipe – 1/2 a banana and just one egg plus some oats
The original trial and error batch – topped with PB, blueberries, and hemp seeds

If you ask me, the best toppings are nut/seed butter and fruit!  I almost always put any combination of almond butter, PB, sunbutter, and berries or banana.  Hemp seeds, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and coconut flakes also make frequent appearances.  Of course, maple syrup is also a great choice (and often an addition to all of the above – yum!)

Give these recipes a try this weekend!  If you do, I’d love to see pics – tag @powerdbypeanutbutter on instagram!


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