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Quinoa: sweet and savory

I usually stick to sweet oatmeal and savory quinoa, but today I decided to switch things up a little.  Not too much, though 😉 I still can’t get on board with the savory oats trend, but quinoa for breakfast was enough of a change up for now.

3 years ago I was studying abroad for my junior spring semester in Switzerland.  I lived with a host family and ate meals at the house.  Usually, breakfast was on our own: the kids were teens and my host mom worked, so we all made our own breakfast and ate at different times as we got up and ready for whatever our days looked like.  I was already an oatmeal fan at this point, but it wasn’t a staple ingredient in my host family’s house.  While the oats were lacking, they did have quinoa!  I honestly can’t remember if I read a recipe or just decided to try having it for breakfast, but one way or another I started making quinoa and topping it just as I would my oats in the morning.  I brought back this trend with a little twist today and here’s what I came up with as a sweet quinoa breakfast:

oats (1/4 cup uncooked), quinoa (1/4 cup uncooked), 1 T ground flax, blueberries, raspberries, and coconut flakes – later topped with an not so photogenic glob of peanut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup
throwback to Switzerland – Lac Leman in Geneva

When making quinoa for breakfast, I cooked it plain first and then I mixed a half portion of quinoa with a half portion of oats (can’t totally take away my oatmeal!) and some ground flax.  You could also stir in chia seeds or no seeds at all!  Similarly, you could omit the oats if you’re not an oatmeal fanatic like me, and add on any toppings your heart desires.  I do find that it needs a little sweetener so I drizzled some maple syrup.

The usual quinoa serving, for me, is a savory one dressed up any way I like.  You know I love a lunch bowl, and quinoa is a very frequent grain in those bowls.  Veggies are always mixed in and a sprinkle of tamari plus a good poached egg makes a perfect meal if you ask me!

quinoa, sautéed greens, carrots, avocado, and a poached egg

While quinoa may be difficult to pronounce (keen-wah, FYI), it is so easy to incorporate into any meal!  It’s a protein filled, gluten free grain that is just begging for a spot in your bowl.  Make some today, make it savory, make it sweet, and show me what you make!



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