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First semester thoughts

I absolutely cannot believe that my first semester of grad school is halfway over!  I flew home for fall break this afternoon, and I am so excited to have a relaxed weekend at home.  I usually have long weekends at school (no Friday classes!) but the weekdays are so packed that it feels like a crazy cycle of insanity or boredom.  Still working on balancing that all out.

an awesome veggie burger from Al’s Burger Shack in Chapel Hill

For now, I’ll be relaxing, studying (can’t get away completely), and enjoying some northeast fall foliage!!

this toast combo has been on repeat – such a good filling snack

This semester has been a great introduction to the program so far.  It’s exciting to finally be doing what I really want to pursue as a career, and to be doing what I finally figured out is my true passion!  Classes have been great – they feel so relevant and meaningful, and it’s fun to see everything overlapping and connecting from one class to the next.  Biostatistics is definitely a challenge (and sometimes a drag) but other than that I really love school! #NERDalert

when a non coffee drinker gets a starbucks gift card……scone it is!

My favorite class is definitely my nutrition communication and counseling class.  It is SO fun to learn and practice interviewing skills and to talk about truly connecting with and understanding the people you are working with including varying cultures and demographics.  The counseling lessons are so fun for me and have made me think about my own personality and strengths.  I have worked a couple of tutoring jobs, I love coaching GOTR, and I recently helped with ESL tutoring and feel like teaching (and coaching) is something I’m good at!  It’s funny because I have never wanted to be a teacher, but I suppose RDs teach in a different way!  It’s exciting to finally be discovering where my strengths lie, but now I can’t stop jumping ahead and wondering how exactly this will play out in my career.  There is so much to explore, and, for now, so much interviewing to practice!  Wish me luck on our mock counseling session – and let me know what you want to hear about a nutrition grad program!


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