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First semester done!

And just like that I am 1/4 done with grad school classes!  Just starting this program was such a long time coming; spending 2 years on prerequisites, applications, and waiting it out felt like ages, but now the time is flying and it’s so exciting.

throwback to my first visit last spring on admitted students day
new home!

For those of you who don’t know, I started grad school this year and I’m in a coordinated masters of public health studying nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian.  Coordinated means that the internship required to sit for the RD exam is included in the program (huge bonus!).  My undergraduate major was government (and I double majored with Spanish) so the nutrition world is totally new, but I love it so much and I am surely on the right path.  My favorite class this semester was my nutrition counseling, communication, and culture class.  What can I say, I think I’m a people person.  We got to have a practice simulated counseling session and write up a blog post and op-ed for a mass communication project.  I also loved learning about motivational interviewing – so interesting!  I am totally fascinated by anything that relates to psychology…wish I had taken more psych classes during undergrad!

I actually attended a football game since I’m at a real deal sports school now

Overall, this semester was a good intro to grad school and the whole program.  Classes weren’t overly demanding, so we had a nice transition back to full time student life (for those of us not coming straight from undergrad…which is most of us).  I know next semester will be tougher classes (lookin’ at you biochem), but with one semester under my belt, and a nice long Christmas break, I think I’ll be ready to take it on.


snapshot from my birthday! nutrition students DO celebrate with sweets 😉

I still have no idea what my future career will look like, but lots of our guest lectures gave me some ideas, so I love to think about the possibilities (school nutrition? media? sports nutrition? eating disorders?).  Our internship this summer will hopefully start to narrow things down.  For now I’ll be baking, wrapping presents, and indulging in the hobbies I’ve neglected during school.  Hope everyone else is pumped for the holidays!  And I hope all the other students out there are taking a nice mental break 🙂

looks like food is officially my life – even my halloween costume!

If anyone reading this is thinking of grad school for nutrition please do reach out or share questions in the comments!  I loved reading and chatting about others’ experiences while I was going through the process of prepping and applying, and I would be more than happy to share any thoughts that might be beneficial 🙂

city trip last Christmas – can’t wait to fully embrace the holidays now!

Happy holidays!


7 thoughts on “First semester done!

  1. This was so cool to read! I didn’t even realize there were master’s coordinated programs, but what a cool track! So glad to hear you’re loving the RD2be life. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to see more posts about grad school life. I actually just attended the graduate school preview day at UNC this past October. I am SUPER interested in their coordinated program. Love your blog!


    1. ah that is so exciting to hear!! I will definitely be trying to keep current updates, and if you ever have specific questions feel free to email me or message me on insta! thanks for reading!


  3. I’m glad I found your blog! It sounds like we’re in a similar place finishing the first semester of grad school-although my program isn’t coordinated, so I’m super jealous. I’d love to read more about your experiences.


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