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New Year, New You?…thinking about why

It’s that time of year…everyone is ready for a change, ready for resolutions, ready to hit the ground running (perhaps literally) in 2017.  Gyms will be packed, detoxes are in every magazine, and green juices are flying off the shelves.  I love a new year; it’s a fresh and exciting time, but before you dive headfirst into some drastically new lifestyle, let’s dial it back and examine what and why we are about to change.

cooking more recipes, like this one from the awesome Thug Kitchen cookbook is on my to do list in 2017!

Fun fact about Michelle is that I love to read nonfiction and I am a total sucker for inspirational/motivational/self-help books.  One lesson I’ve read time and time again is that, with any change, you have to find your ‘why’.  Why do you want to lose 10 lbs.?  Why do you want a six pack?  Why do you want to quit sugar and gluten and dairy indefinitely and all at once?  Attempting to lose weight or take up a trendy diet because you hate your current body is not the best game plan.  Get healthy because you love your body, don’t torture yourself because you hate it.  If you don’t have a positive attitude behind your actions, success will be So. Much. Harder.

december 3, 2019.png

As you reflect on this past year and set goals for the next one, I encourage you to think about how you felt and how you want to feel, physically, emotionally, mentally.  Think about what made your highs highs – chances are it wasn’t the size of your pants.  Chase after those exciting feelings instead of chasing your egg whites with vegetable juice (unless that’s your favorite meal in which case you do you!).

I’ll definitely still be enjoying my beloved oats next year – and slow brunches whenever possible!

I’m not anti-resolutions, and I’m very pro-goals and reflection.  I have been reflecting a lot on my own year and my hopes for the future.  Lots of my goals are more mental/emotional, but I have some physical ones too.  I want to start running more because I know when I get into a groove I truly enjoy that form of exercise.  Similarly, I want to prioritize exercise because I know it boosts my mood and gives me more energy for the day.  I want to meal prep more consistently because it makes my weeks less hectic and allows me to relax and recharge on weeknights.  I want to cook more recipes from my cookbooks because I really enjoy cooking!  Think about the feelings you want and the rest will fall into place.

These are my “whys”, what are yours?


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