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Do you need a “detox”?

I selectively curate my social media feed to include only people I truly agree with.  I follow people who preach positivity, intuitive eating, flexibility, non diet mentality…you get the point….so much so that sometimes I forget there is still a vast majority of people walking around on a juice cleanse.

It’s almost officially summer, and it already feels like the season has arrived here in NC!  Summertime means lots of travel for many people, and sometimes a post vacay “detox” feels needed or justified.  Here’s why that’s not a necessary plan, and what you can do instead to reset.

vacation EATS in austin!  We went all out on tacos that week

So you’ve gone on a trip and indulged more than usual – great!   I hope you enjoyed it!  Chances are it only lasted a weekend, week, or maybe two.  This is really a blip in time compared to your entire lifestyle!  Patterns matter so much more than a single meal when looking at your nutrition.  Nothing will drastically change or cause a deficiency or significant weight gain overnight.

I also like to mix things up while traveling and try some healthy/fresh options!  These are from an acai bowl food truck

Another thing to remember is that your body naturally detoxes!  Have a kidney?  A liver? Guess what – you’ve got a built in detox!  These organs are designed to clean out your system, and they’re working even when you think you’re being “bad”.

So you don’t need a detox, but you still feel a little blah.  What to do?  If you feel you need a post trip reset I totally understand.  After a few days of eating out a ton I crave salads, veggies, and FRESH food.  The most important thing is to really tune into what you are craving.  Chances are, if you’ve eaten ice cream for dinner for days you’re going to crave a few veggies instead at some point.  You can also focus on transitioning back to your usual eating by adding good things.  Don’t think about what you “can’t” eat anymore (in fact, don’t cut anything out), just make sure to prioritize the addition of vegetables.  If you’re loading up on a rainbow of produce you’ll crowd out some of the goodies that you might not be craving anymore but are eating as habit. Soon enough you’ll slide back into your usual eating oh so naturally – no “bouncing back” or “getting back on track” needed.


A great meal options to up your veggies – sauté a bunch of green things (kale, zucchini, broccoli) and add eggs and cheddar for healthy fats and protein!
Can you tell I like greens and eggs?  added some roasted carrots and avocado toast to get my fats in!

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