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Weekend Eats

It’s not Monday, and it’s not “What I Ate Wednesday” but with a holiday week, I’m just now getting to recapping a weekend full of bright and yummy summertime eats!  I actually took lots of food pictures recently so I thought I would dump them here and hopefully share a bit of inspiration!  I’ll give you info on how I made each meal because I truly believe that cooking and eating healthy can be (and IS) simple and easy!  I don’t spend a ton of time making my meals, and I cook very simply, so I’m here to show you how it works!


Here’s my lunch at work on casual Friday (hence the jeans) – arugula salad with ground turkey and sautéed bell peppers – get ready to see how many ways/times I ate leftovers of the turkey and peppers!


Turkey and peppers yet again!  These were already made and I added some roasted green beans and an avocado and sauerkraut to round out the meal.  All of it was pre-prepped and I just microwaved and then added the avo/kraut, which is topped with TJ’s everything bagel seasoning


OK so this is not a quick and easy healthy meal – but they are the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER (in my humble opinion).  The recipe is from Annie’s Eats and it’s the best I’ve ever tried.  If you need your cookies CHEWY like I do, make these ASAP!  The key is to chill the dough overnight.  I brought them to a party on Friday and they were a hit!


I love pancakes for weekend breakfast!  My favorite simple recipe is Connie’s vegan pancake recipe – you make them in a blender with just a few ingredients that I always have on hand.  Sometimes I’ll get creative and switch them up with adding sweet potato or cocoa powder, but these were classic 🙂  While they cook I microwave frozen berries and stir in 1T chia seeds to ‘gel’ and create a simple jam for topping – plus another TJ’s find: mixed nut butter!  I often make extra pancakes and keep them around for snacks on the go (yes, pancake snacks…I know it’s weird)


Told you those leftovers would last awhile – turkey with veggies all microwaved to reheat, and avocado toast


What my Saturday looked like after that lunch 🙂  I’m soaking in all the pool time I can this summer!  It’s getting tough with the insane heat/humidity but I needed some serious outdoor relaxation (while I read the 4 hour work week – that book is firing me up!  When can I work for myself?)


Finally the last of those peppers and green beans!  I had just a few left so I put them on my salad and had scrambled eggs with greens.  I use frozen greens (usually spinach or chard), sauté them until pretty much cooked through and then throw in the whisked eggs to make a scramble.  Corn tortilla on the side for scooping and “taco” making


I also love taking the time for stovetop oats on the weekend rather than overnight oats.  These were steel cut (which take about half an hour and are therefore a Sunday thing) mixed with chia seeds and blueberries and topped with walnuts and nut butter – a good filling breakfast for when I woke up really early and wanted to stay fueled through a 10:45am yoga class.


The last of the ground turkey!  In taco form!  I added mixed salad greens (I love using greens for some crunch rather than romaine or iceberg lettuce to add some nutrient punch) avocado and some salsa


Eggs are pretty much always my go-to fast dinner.  I got home late and wanted to EAT after work on Monday to I sautéed some frozen greens, tossed in roasted beets that I had already prepped to reheat, chopped a cucumber and fried an egg while bread toasted.  DINNER.


Here is the quick and easy side dish I brought to a 4th of July BBQ: quinoa salad!  The prep was mostly just chopping (bell peppers and cucumbers) and then you toss it all together!

Quinoa salad:

cook 1 cup dry quinoa according to package directions

chop 2 bell peppers and 1 cucumber

rinse a can of chickpeas and add to veggies

make your dressing: 1 part lemon juice to 2 parts olive oil, season to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning blend

Once the grains were cooled I mixed them into the salad and drizzled the dressing.  It’s best to make this at least a couple hours ahead so it can marinate in the flavors of the dressing.


My July 4th plate! (clearly I was very into that corn and just couldn’t wait for a pic)

I hope this is helpful to you!  I love to show people that good food is EASY, so let me know: what’s your biggest struggle with making healthy meals work for you?  What are some of your favorite simple recipes? I’d love to hear!


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