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Grad School Reflections

Thursday April 26, 2018.  DONE with my masters program classes….WHAT!?  I can’t believe it but I actually finished my graduate classwork (OK, a few finals left but lectures are done!).  4 years ago when I finished undergrad I told everyone I would never go back to school….never say never is 100% true.  I wanted to post some thoughts and reflections on my experience both for my own fun and to hopefully help others who might be considering grad school and the RD path.  Overall, so far it has been totally worth it – here’s more below!

IMG_5284 2
My last ‘first day of school’ pic from the beginning of the year!

So…was the program all I dreamed of and more?  Was my dream school exactly how I imagined it would be?  Well, no.  It was different, but it was right.  I tend to have high hopes and big expectations.  There are plenty of times I skew towards pessimism and worry, but when I’m excited about something I can amp it up to be THE BEST thing ever!  That’s how I felt approaching this grad school journey.  I thought I would meet tons of best friends, love every class, love and maybe want to move where I was living, and I thought it would all be perfect.  News flash; nothing is ever all perfect (should’ve known).

way back when on admitted students day in 2016!

I realized that making adult friendships is hard and takes effort .  I didn’t love every class I was required to take.  I was academically challenged in a bigger way than I expected.  I am excited to move out and move on to a bigger city.  Now before I make it sound like my experience was terrible, let me assure you it was not.  While things were not what I expected, they weren’t bad…they were different.  I still made close friends I will continue to treasure.  I learned so much, and even though I often (oh so often) doubted my intelligence and abilities among such high achievers, I know I am smart and capable and have grown so so much in my knowledge, ability to study and learn, and most of all in my curiosity.  I may not want to spend the rest of my life in North Carolina, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the little town where I lived.

IMG_6578It’s a crazy time of life being in your mid twenties with lots of change and ups and downs.   Grad school was a part of all of that.  There are many things I will miss about my grad school experience.  Even though it took blood, sweat, and tears to make it through (OK, there was no blood…but maybe double the tears) I am grateful for every step and I don’t regret a thing.  I was asked recently (after talking about my main interest and likely career pursuit) if there is really a need for eating disorder dietitians (insert eyeroll emoji).  Even though it might be a niche field, I know that there is a need for HAES professionals and dietitians who are educating on nutrition in a sustainable and positive manner.  I’m ready to take what I’ve learned into the real world! (ok, internships first) wish me luck!

IMG_7959 2
my tar heel jack-o-lantern last Halloween 🙂

and please do let me know if you want more info on grad school, how to become an RD, etc…I know I found blogs SO helpful when I was going back to school since I don’t have a nutrition background from undergrad!


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