Lessons (& tips!) from my Clinical Internship

I can't believe that I have just 4 weeks left of my clinical internship!  I honestly thought it would drag on, but with just 2 weeks until staff relief I am plowing through it.  The rest of rotations are going to fly!  I was definitely the most nervous and intimidated about my clinical rotation (and… Continue reading Lessons (& tips!) from my Clinical Internship

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Is All Natural Always Best?

"Natural" is in.  It's trendy.  It's the way of living that everyone wants.  In terms of food, "natural" is not a defined and regulated food label, so that's purely marketing and does not hold any importance at all.  But I'm not just talking about food in this post. So many people are all about the… Continue reading Is All Natural Always Best?

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The words Food and Guilt do not belong together

I've been seeing a lot of guilt and food talk recently.  Last week I happened to catch this segment on the Today show which made me pretty dang mad.  If you don't feel like watching the clip (and I don't blame ya if you don't), they rated different summer foods on the 'guilt-o-meter' to determine… Continue reading The words Food and Guilt do not belong together

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Grad School Reflections

Thursday April 26, 2018.  DONE with my masters program classes....WHAT!?  I can't believe it but I actually finished my graduate classwork (OK, a few finals left but lectures are done!).  4 years ago when I finished undergrad I told everyone I would never go back to school....never say never is 100% true.  I wanted to… Continue reading Grad School Reflections

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The Importance of Patterns

Valentines Day just passed, and before that the Super Bowl was on everyone's calendar.  These are two days with pretty iconic food (chocolate galore, nachos, pizza, wings, etc) and those "indulgences" can make a lot of people sweat.  Better-for-you party snacks are all over pinterest, and there's so much talk about how to order at… Continue reading The Importance of Patterns


People are more than their bodies

I could also title this 'people are more than their looks' because it's not just bodies, or hair, or clothes, or makeup, or WHY are these the things that get the most attention? I can't tell you how many times a day I (and we all) hear people comment on the way others look....often,… Continue reading People are more than their bodies