Meal prep ideas!

A couple of weeks ago I shared my real life meal prep and heard it was helpful, so I am sharing another week of groceries and meals to hopefully inspire some hearty meals that are totally easy!  I've included more details on what I bought and exactly how I prepped - read on to see... … Continue reading Meal prep ideas!


A real life week of meal prep

Hey friends!  I posted a poll on my Instagram last week to see if anyone would be interested in seeing my 'meal prep' and how I use things throughout the week.  The response was positive! I didn't snap pics of all my meals, but I'm going to show you how super simple my food prep … Continue reading A real life week of meal prep

Weekend Eats

It's not Monday, and it's not "What I Ate Wednesday" but with a holiday week, I'm just now getting to recapping a weekend full of bright and yummy summertime eats!  I actually took lots of food pictures recently so I thought I would dump them here and hopefully share a bit of inspiration!  I'll give … Continue reading Weekend Eats