Lessons (& tips!) from my Clinical Internship

I can't believe that I have just 4 weeks left of my clinical internship!  I honestly thought it would drag on, but with just 2 weeks until staff relief I am plowing through it.  The rest of rotations are going to fly!  I was definitely the most nervous and intimidated about my clinical rotation (and … Continue reading Lessons (& tips!) from my Clinical Internship


The Importance of Patterns

Valentines Day just passed, and before that the Super Bowl was on everyone's calendar.  These are two days with pretty iconic food (chocolate galore, nachos, pizza, wings, etc) and those "indulgences" can make a lot of people sweat.  Better-for-you party snacks are all over pinterest, and there's so much talk about how to order at … Continue reading The Importance of Patterns

Weekend Eats

It's not Monday, and it's not "What I Ate Wednesday" but with a holiday week, I'm just now getting to recapping a weekend full of bright and yummy summertime eats!  I actually took lots of food pictures recently so I thought I would dump them here and hopefully share a bit of inspiration!  I'll give … Continue reading Weekend Eats

Summer Updates

Hello hello!  It's been a minute since I was on here, and I thought I would pop in to tell ya why!  I just finished (well...kinda) my first year of my masters program! (so it's been busy)  Last fall I started the MPH/RD program at UNC Chapel Hill and now 2 semesters of class are … Continue reading Summer Updates